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Watch as people bring you their old stuff! Be amazed as they ask for far more than it is worth! Make up to five counter offers to try and negotiate a good price! Listen to their responses! Too low and they won't want to deal! Too much and they are amazed at the deal! If you get close though they may be disappointed but accepting, but even then it may be more than the object is worth…


Button 1: . (period) Hold to adjust offer faster

Button 2: / (forward slash) Press to use selected option

Toggle Fullscreen: , (comma)

Arrow Keys Up and Down: Adjust current offer

Arrow Keys Right and Left: Select option


The goal of the game is to buy objects at a price lower than what you can sell them for. Each round a character brings an object and gives an initial offer. You then have five chances to make a counter offer. if your offer is too low, the will be offended and won't accept. If your offer is too high, they may make a comment signaling that they expected less. If your offer is close, they may be surprised at your accuracy or resigned to accept your offer. Be careful though! Just because you made an offer CLOSE to what the object is worth doesn't mean it is cheap enough to turn a profit! You only have a limited time to field offers, so try to make as much as you can!

Good luck!


Dev Notes:

Thanks to マ.psd/@tofu_ma for allowing me to make a game based on his cover http://famicase.com/17/softs/124.html

The game is mostly finished. If I had more time I would've tried to add sound and maybe rewrite and add to the hints. Overall though, I am pretty happy to have made this in roughly 3 days. Hopefully you find some enjoyment in playing it!

Install instructions

Requires no installation, just download and run.


PleaseSellEverything_Binary_9-26-17.zip 5 MB
PleaseSellEverything_Binary_9-26-17.exe 14 MB

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